About us


OrgPlan is a Dutch company founded in 2008 by Guus van Kampen and Gerwin Devilee. They started their career at Allshare, where they were at the basis of PersonnelView, the HR system that was later continued by ADP under the name Workforce. At OrgPlan they have specialized in organizational chart solutions. A brief history:

  • OrgPlus Desktop - Initially, OrgPlan's activities were limited to the resale and implementation of OrgPlus in the Benelux. OrgPlus, once developed by Microsoft, is one of the best-selling organizational chart software worldwide. However, OrgPlus was developed in the 1990s, largely before the rise of the Internet.
  • OrgPlus Enterprise - The need for an internet solution grew. The hybrid product OrgPlus Enterprise was launched as a combination of OrgPlus functionality with internet capabilities. Although a step in the right direction, it did not yet support smartphones and tablets.
  • My-Orgchart - OrgPlan subsequently focused on developing its own organizational chart technology. My-Orgchart is the result of this. It quickly matched the organizational chart functionality of OrgPlus, but without the limits.
  • My-OrgPlan - OrgPlan subsequently launched a personnel planning product. Organizational chart technology is ideal for this, provided the organizational charts are created dynamically and are equipped with modeling capabilities. The personnel plan was (still) separate from the HR/Payroll system.
  • My-SandBox - The most recent product is now My-SandBox. Actually an extension of My-OrgPlan. A database has been added plus the options to connect to LinkedIn and to write personnel plans back to the HR/Payroll system.

OrgPlan provides support for all of the above products


The OrgPlan products, My-Orgchart (organization charts), My-OrgPlan (personnel planning) and My-SandBox (applicant tracking + personnel planning + HR/Payroll management) are delivered in SaaS form. This means that there are no upfront investments, but that payments are made exclusively in a subscription form. The following is provided for that (annual) subscription:

  • company license of our software,
  • updates to our software,
  • hosting our software,
  • helpdesk.

It is also possible to test our software for a month in combination with your own data.