What makes our products unique?

  • They are cloud products, are completely web-based and can run (zero install) on all PCs, tablets and smartphones.
  • They perform well, even with large populations (100,000 employees or more).
  • The products are flexible and offer a free choice of fields that can be included in the orgcharts.

  • These fields come from the (API) interfaces with HR systems. Your data is always stored internally.
  • Orgcharts are password protected. More protection can be added through the use of portals.
  • In terms of functionality, ad-hoc reporting (tables, color charts and health maps) is offered based on the card data.
  • The products are multilingual: a language switch button is available. Support for any language.
  • They are delivered as a SaaS solution.



OrgPlan offers the following software products:

  • My-OrgChart: organizational charts, visualizing organization- and personnel structures,
  • My-NetChart: network charts, visualizing holding structures and/or decision making units (BtB),
  • My-OrgPlan: strategic workforce planning based on the current workforce,
  • My-SandBox. : strategic workforce planning based on the current and the potential workforce (inclusive HR/Payroll-system updating).


Both visualization products use the IN-Connector and the Viewer. The data comes unchanged from the sourcefile.



IN-Connector: retrieves data.

The IN-Connector retrieves data from the HR/Payroll system to serve as a source for the OrgPlan systems. Both current and future changes can be retrieved.


Viewer: Read-Only tool.

The Viewer allows the end user to view all org and network charts from the browser. The Viewer offers many facilities, such as zooming in and out, searching, selecting, setting the language choice, displaying pop-up windows with detailed information and much more.


The chart files (built with My-OrgChart and My-NetChart) may or may not be placed on the web. If the web is chosen, then security is an issue. Security is especially necessary for charts containing sensitive information. Almost every Portal solution is supported. The most common:

Reflexo portal


Both planning products use in addition the Editor and Modeling, while My-SandBox also uses the OUT-Connector and the Database.



OUT Connector: writes data back.

The OUT Connector writes the scenario with the desired organizational and personnel details back into the HR/Payroll system. If desired, a workflow can be linked to this.


Editor: Read-Write tool.

The Editor allows orgcharts to be come dynamic. The (super)user is given the opportunity to change (edit) the organization, on the one hand by moving boxes and chains, and on the other hand by changing field values. All changes can be logged (track & trace).


Modeling: calculates FTEs and money.

With Modeling, future occupancy and costs can be calculated, so that it is known in advance where changes will lead to. A set of changes is saved as a scenario. The desired scenario can be saved as a budget to be compared with the actuals later.


Database: Stores all records.

All records are stored in the database, including departments, training positions, permanent employees, external staff and followers. They can then be easily retrieved and placed in an (editable) organizational chart.