Organization Management:

  • Cloud, Zero Install,100% Web-based.

  • Web connections with HR/Payroll-systems.

  • Fast (even with large populations, 100,000 employees or more),

  • Flexible - Free choice of fields. Need to be available in sourcefile.

  • Intuitive - No training required.

  • Ad-hoc reporting (tables, color graphs and heathmaps).

  • Multi Lingual - Language switch available. Support for all languages.

  • Value for money. Available as SaaS-solution.

  • Box limit - prices depend on box limits.

Box - corresponds with an Employee, Position or Department.

Human Capital Management

  • (Re) Organizing - building new organizations fast and easy thanks to a number of powerful modeling tools.

  • Succession - Create succession plans with the goal of making the company's critical positions unoccupied as short as possible.

  • Budgeting - Reliable budgeting of the employee costs by calculating with a precise picture of the organization.

  • Recruitment - collect candidates and create a fallback file, aiming to quickly bring candidates into the organization.

  • Reduction - aiming to have efficiëncy in personnel separations.

Including high-level security. Data stays at the customers site.

My-Orgchart Basic

  • One-step Orgcharts
  • Read-Only
  • Multi-User
  • Company License
  • Windows, iOS, Android

My-Orgchart Power

  • Editable Orgcharts
  • Read-Write
  • Multi-User
  • Company License
  • Windows, iOS, Android

My-Orgchart Planning

  • HCM | Planning
  • Read-Write
  • Multi-user
  • Company License
  • Windows, iOS, Android

OrgPlus version 11.2

  • Editable Orgcharts
  • Read-Write
  • Single-User
  • PC License
  • Windows