OrgPlan: Software for Orgcharts and Netcharts



OrgPlan ist a Dutch company founded in 2008. We are specialized in Orgchart-Software. Before, those were stand-alone PC-packages, but now the market wants integrated Web/Cloud-solutions. OrgPlan's product offer developed along this roadmap.

Initially, the activities of OrgPlan were limited to reselling and implementing OrgPlus in the Benelux. OrgPlus, once developed by Microsoft, can count itself as the most sold orgchart software worldwide. However, OrgPlus was developed in the 1990s, largely for the rise of the internet, tablets, ESS / MSS, and the like. That is why the emphasis is now on the modern, recently introduced My-Orgchart: completely in line with today's requirements and with surprising new functionalities. Both products are now offered by OrgPlan. OrgPlan can also take care of the migration.