OrgPlan: Software for Orgcharts and Netcharts


Next generation Orgchart software - My-Orgchart is a combination of Organizational Chart and Business Intelligence software. In short: you can sign and count with it. The package is 100% web-based and is suitable for all organizations (from 100 to 1,000,000 employees).

The simplest and cheapest combination consisting of the modules: Viewer, Layout, Connector and Hosting. Intended for One-Step Orgcharts.

The middle combination consisting of the modules: Viewer, Editor, Connector and Hosting. Intended for Editable Orgcharts. Also includes all functionality of Basic.

The most comprehensive combination consisting of the modules: Viewer, Editor, TimeSeries, TS Connector and Hosting. Designed for TimeSerie Orgcharts. Also includes all functionality of Basic and Power.

What makes My-Orgchart unique?

  • Runs on all PC's, Tab's, and Smartphones.

  • Cloud, Zero Install, 100% Webbased.

  • Interfaces with HR-systems. Full Integration with ESS/MSS-environments.

  • Fast (even with large populations, 100,000 employees or more).

  • Flexible - free choice of fields. First, gather them in the sourcefile.

  • Intuitive - no training required.

  • Ad-hoc reporting (tables, color graphs and heathmaps).

  • Multi Lingual - language switchbutton available. Support for every language.

  • High level security. Data stays inhouse.

  • Value for money. Available as a SaaS-solution.

  • Box-limitation - pricing depends on the number of boxes.

  • A box could represent an employee, position or department.

My-Orgchart consists of the following modules:


Connector: retrieves source data from an HR/Payroll-system.

Bringing together workforce data from human resources, accounting, and other business systems into an information-rich orgchart-sourcefile allows you to easily share organizational information, conduct sophisticated reporting, and publish visual organization charts. The Connector produces the (JSON) files that the Viewer and the Editor need to read.


Viewer: Read-Only orgchart software for endusers. Intuitive - no training required.

You can access your orgcharts from the Internet or Intranet anytime, anywhere via your webbrowser. With the Viewer your employees can navigate and search in contacts-orgcharts, while your professionals can make their analysis in metrics-orgcharts. Sophisticated, dynamic visual orgcharts help you to understand and analyze your workforce. When your organization is fixed, registered and available in sourcefile-format, then you don't need the Editor. Just the Viewer will do to have your orgcharts.


Editor: Read-Write orgchart software for superusers. Intuitive - one day training required.

But when you have to (re)build your organization, then the Editor will prove to be very useful.
An orgchart is the best tool for building organizations. It is like a jig-saw puzzle: you can see how it looks so far, which puzzle pieces still have to fit in, and what steps you have already taken (trace & track). And since it is a web solution, you can always synchronize with your colleagues.