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OrgPlus (Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise)

OrgPlus was made big by Microsoft in the 1990s. Around 2000, they sold it and continued with Visio. OrgPlus has two types: Desktop and Web. Meanwhile, the desktop version (OrgPlus v 11.2) is limited available and the web type is replaced by another product.

Delivery status OrgPlus:

  • OrgPlus Standard is no longer available.

  • OrgPlus Professional and OrgPlus Premium are still limited available: up to 1,000 boxes.

  • OrgPlus Enterprise is no longer available.


  • In almost all cases, we recommend looking for alternatives. Because the software is currently outdated.

  • OrgPlus Standard and OrgPlus Enterprise customers even have an acute continuity problem.

  • Small and mid-sized customers of OrgPlus Professional and OrgPlus Premium can still go further.

  • My-Orgchart is the best alternative to migration.

Orgchart software for small companies. Drawing tool. No interfaces with HR / Payroll systems.
Not for sale anymore. Learn how to migrate.
OrgPlus Standard customers can decide if they will continue to work with their older versions or migrate to another product.
Migration to OrgPlus Professional - is the easiest way for small businesses to go. For a small amount of money, you can upgrade your standard license to a Professional license and stay up-to-date.
Migration to My-Orgchart - For medium and large companies this could be a good alternative. These companies are often a collection of small businesses that produce their organigrams decentrally with multiple OrgPlus standard licenses. My-Orgchart rental could be cheaper than upgrading all these licenses to OrgPlus Professional.

For organizations between 0 - 1,000 employees. All you have to do is tune your data to OrgPlus fields and then you can quickly import data from a variety of sources. Publish organization charts in PDF. Automatically synchronize data so that the organization chart is always up-to-date.

Product is no longer available.

For organizations between 0 - 1,000 employees. Our fully-equipped OrgPlus offering "OrgPlus Premium" adds change-tracking, robust reporting and archiving capabilities. Automatic generation of HR action reports, and archive detail changes to your organizational chart.

You can still buy OrgPlus Premium from us.

Orgchart / planning software for large companies. Interfaces to HR / Payroll systems.
Not for sale. Learn how to migrate.
OrgPlus Enterprise customers can choose to continue working with their older version or migrate to another product. OrgPlus Enterprise requires Windows Server 2008 (or earlier). So time is limited as Microsoft keeps its support for this product in 2015 (no more general support) - 2020 (no more extended support).
Migration to OrgPlus Desktop is hardly an option because it is limited to the number of boxes (employees).
Migration to My-Orgchart - This is the best option. My-Orgchart can provide the same functionality as Enterprise and much more. The prices are also attractive: My-Orgchart's annual rent is lower than Enterprise's annual maintenance.