OrgPlan offers solutions in two areas: organizational and network charts and strategic workforce planning. The people who benefit from this are the employees and the specialists (CHRO, recruiters, line managers and CFO).


Orgcharts for Employees


Organizational charts are increasingly used to present organizations. To be productive, it is important that an employee knows how to reach his or her colleagues. This applies in particular to newly recruited and transferred employees. The organizational chart that is placed in the cloud and made accessible to a controlled group of users can include different populations: our own staff (both permanent and flexible), possibly supplemented with staff working abroad, that part of the staff that works in a team, whether or not supplemented with team members from other organizations.

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Organization Planning for HR

My-OrgPlan CHRO

Personnel planning starts with HR. Simply put: which seats will be prepared in the coming year that need to be occupied. There are a range of applications for HR in the field of personnel planning: the (single and 12-fold) occupancy overview, the fleet review, the succession plan and ultimately the end goal: the personnel plan. If HR can deliver such a detailed plan, it will be doing its colleagues a great service.

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Organization Planning for Recruiters


Recruiters would like to map their candidate pool with followers (applicants active, in portfolio, or still inactive), and employees who are due for promotion. It is possible to retrieve followers from LinkedIn.  The population can be provided with a ISCED skills code (EU Standard Education Classification). All suitable candidates are visible at a glance and can be placed in the real organizational chart.

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Organization Planning for Line Managers


The occupancy rate 'in practice' is often lower than 'on paper'. Those who are ill for a long time and those on leave will drop out anyway. But in addition, employees nowadays have a weekly rhythm that means they are not always there. The line manager would like to know at an early stage who he can count on and who needs to be called on additionally. Only then can plans and agendas be planned. In other words, they need a daily orgchart for the recommended days, weeks, and even months.

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Organization Planning for Finance

My-OrgPlan CFO

Personnel planning ends with Finance. Monetary amounts must be linked to the personnel plan shown in FTE. This can be used to create a personnel budget. The system itself calculates the average costs of a training position. By subsequently importing the realized journal entries, the budget depletion can be calculated. Finally, the subsequent calculation follows: where and why have budgets been exceeded?

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OrgPlan offers two visualization software products My-OrgChart (for orgcharts) and My-NetChart (for netcharts) and two planning software products My-OrgPlan and My-SandBox. The planning software uses the same orgchart technology in combination with modeling and business intelligence. All products run in the cloud and are available as SaaS solutions.