OrgPlan: Software for Orgcharts and Netcharts


Orgcharts for Employees

Organizational charts are increasingly being used to present organizations. To be productive, it is important that an employee knows how to reach his or her colleagues. This applies in particular to newly recruited employees and to employees who are going to work in a new team.

For the employee: Contacts Orgcharts and Teams Orgcharts.

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Orgcharts for HR

Organization charts can also be made dynamic, making them excellent for staff planning. This can be done in two ways: time-independent for the long term and calendar month linked to the budget so that a to-do list for HR is created.

For the CHRO: Succession Planning and Workforce Planning.

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Orgcharts for Finance

Dynamic organization charts can also be provided with spreadsheet functionality, making them suitable for Budgeting. Finance can use them for budgeting both personnel and entity costs. In addition, there is the Netchart especially for visualizing entities (companies).

For the CFO: Budgeting and Entity Charts.

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OrgPlan offers two visualization software products My-OrgChart (for orgcharts) and My-NetChart (for netcharts). The orgcharts can be expanded with modeling and business intelligence tools. They run in the cloud and are available as SaaS solutions. Also, we still support OrgPlus.

My-Orgchart                                                                                                                                                                      My-Netchart

Modern, all-round orgchart software, suitable for drawing, calculation, extrapolation and modelling. Organizational charts are mainly used in Human Capital Management solutions. These are the modules:

Modern, all-round netchart software, suitable for drawing multiple relationships. Network overviews are mainly used in Entity Management solutions. These are the modules:







The chart files (built with My-OrgChart and My-NetChart) may or may not be placed on the web. If the web is chosen, then security is an issue. Security is especially necessary for charts containing sensitive information. Almost every Portal solution is supported. The most common:

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